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, and customer service for the past 15 years. Locally owned and operated, Metropolitan Sewer Service takes pride in the work that they do for their valued customers and wants to assist them in maintaining the structural integrity and flow of their sewer lines. A home’s sewer system is underground and out of sight. As such, it is hard to tell what is truly wrong with a system, and an amateur attempt could just cause lasting damage and leave you with a real mess on your hands. Why risk it? Call the affordable professionals at Metropolitan Sewer Service for a FREE estimate and let their experience handle any sewer line repair problem you may have. Their trustworthy customer service will explain to you the exact details of the sewer line repair job and provide itemized reporting so that you know exactly what you’ve paid for. All of Metropolitan Sewer Service’s technicians are highly trained and well qualified, carrying all necessary state certification for the great work that they do. Jobs are completed in a timely, cost efficient manner that exemplifies the professionalism Metropolitan Sewer Service has built their reputation on. For

sewer cleaning or sewer repair

in Seattle, WA, there is simply is no one who can match the skill and service offered by Metropolitan Sewer Service. Protect the structural integrity of your delicate sewer systems and protect your wallet with affordable pricing and free estimates. Continue to browse Metropolitan Sewer Service’s website, or call today and set an appointment with a highly trained sewer line cleaning and repair specialist.
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